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Appesat Review

New appetite suppressant from Seaweed extract

Another natural appetite suppressants have reviewed is Appesat. It is new product that soon will be heavily marketed for its appetite suppressing properties.

Appesat Appetite Suppressant

We are among the first to review this newly launched product, and additionally we have compared it with our top appetite suppressant. Just continue to read if you are wondering if Appesat is the right appetite suppressant for you.

What is Appesat?

Appesat is is newly designed weight loss pill, all natural, fiber-based product that contains substances that to help you to feel fuller for longer. It acts as an appetite suppressant and helps you eat less.

Appesat , that contains Bioginate Complex. It is a patented fiber complex extracted from a seaweed Laminaria digitate. (Lamiaria is genus of species, commonly called "kelp") They have been grown in sea farms on the French Atlantic coast and carefully harvested before extracting.

How Does Appesat™ Works?

The active substance of Appesat works by stimulating the stomach receptors, that are responsible for the "full" signal to your brain. The extracts is resistent to stomach acid which is responsible for it's prolonged action. Thus your brain satiety centers are constantly receiving signals that you are full.

The increased amount of signals to your brain makes it easier for you to reduce meals size and calorie intake. It also makes it easier for you to learn new eating habits and prevents yo-yo dieting.

Clinical Studies That Shows The Effectiveness Of Appesat

According clinical trials with volunteers, Appesat is making easier to resist to food cravings and snacking. The continued use lead to smaller portion sizes, even without being actively on diet.

Another study involved volunteers taking Appesat, that were additionally put on a calorie-controlled diet and shows significant weight loss for 12 weeks period. The average weight loss for this period was about 9 kg +- 3,1 kg, compared to the placebo group that lost on average 5 kg

Is Appesat Right Choice For You?

After reading such promising results you might be thinking if this is the right product for you.

Appesat is a fiber extract product, and it does nothing more than eating fibers alone. According numerous studies, fiber-rich diet can lead to significant weight-loss for a period of time.

Fiber also have number of other health benefits - they improve bowel function, insulin secretion, reduce cholesterol and gives you the sense of fullness faster.

All this means that effect from Appesat could be easily achieved by changing slightly your meal plan - adding fiber (like whole-cereals) to you everyday menu.

What we recommend?

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