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UniqueHoodia™ Appetite Suppressant Review

The Best Hoodia Product On The Market!

Looking For 100% Pure and Unaltered Hoodia Product, Approved By The Medical Community? Look No Further UniqueHoodia Is the Answer!


UniqueHoodia™ is a new Hoodia product, that has been launched recently. It was just one of the many products, containing Hoodia Gordonii that were reviewed by our experts. However, it turns out to be the best Hoodia product on the market. Read our review to know why.


UniqueHoodia Appetite Suppressant

The most popular Hoodia product effectively stops food cravings and reduces calorie intake by up to 2000 calories.

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Doctors approved!

How we review UniqueHoodia and why we choose it as the most recommended natural appetite suppressant? See why we agree that UniqueHoodia is unique product

What Is UniqueHoodia?

UniqueHoodiaUniqueHoodia is a weight loss supplement, made from pure Hoodia Gordonii. It is designed to suppress your appetite and curb cravings, so that you can easily lose those pounds.

Soon after it was launched, it became the most popular Hoodia product. We contacted the manufacturer and they were so kind to give us a test samples, so that we can review it (in fact most of the manufacturers we contacted refused us test samples).

UniqueHoodia is made from pure Hoodia Gordonii, in easy to swallow 495 1485mg pills (most of the pills are 400 mg.).

This product is made in cutting-edge manufacturing facility, in order to achieve 495 mg. in a tablet, without making pills too big and without using binders and preservatives.

Each box of UniqueHoodia contains 90 pills, unlike many of the products that contain 60. This ensures you that one box is enough for one month.

All the Hoodia, that is used in UniqueHoodia comes from USDA certified farms and has been harvested with steam. This means that all the raw Hoodia material is FRESH, guaranteeing the best quality.

Laboratory reports confirm the fact it is the best quality Hoodia product on the market - UniqueeHoodia contains more P57 content than the standard that is required.

Additionally the manufacturers have added an ingredient, that increases the absorption of Hoodia with 30%. This makes UniqueHoodia the most potent hoodia formulation on the market.

Why is UniqueHoodia Better Than Other Hoodia Products?

  • UniqueHoodia has 495 1485 mg. of pure Hoodia in each pill, making it not only highly potent appetite suppressor. Most Hoodia products on the market don't contain more Hoodia in them!

  • It is the only hoodia product with added BioPerine®, an additive that improves absorption by up to 30% (50 mg. per serving).
  • One box of UniqueHoodia is enough for full month - it contains 90 pills (most Hoodia products 60 pills per box!)

  • UniqueHoodia product is made from 100% pure unaltered Hoodia. It has no fillers, binders, preservatives or additives, only pure Hoodia!

  • Independent laboratory analysis - certificate from independent laboratory, confirming that UniqueHoodia contains pure Hoodia.

  • Medical endorsement product - UniqueHoodia is approved by real doctors! Very few of offered hoodia product have such endorsement, that assures you are using quality product for weight loss.
  • CITES – Certificate of authenticity, which is given to show that raw Hoodia is obtained only by trusted sellers!

  • The quality of the product and the quantity used in each pill could suppress your appetite so effectively that you caloric intake will plummet, giving you the quick weight loss results you've dreamed about!

  • Price for UniqueHoodia is higher that the "sawdust hoodia pills" filled with fillers and additives, that you can find all over the place, simply because UniqueHoodia has REAL & PURE Hoodia in it. Don't forget – Hoodia is not cheap!

  • UniqueHoodia is produced in CGMP approved facilities, using cutting-edge technology in the manufacturing process.

  • Extra Strength formula – only the most potent and properly grown and harvested Hoodia is used.

  • The only Hoodia product as seen by BBC, Hello Magazine, CNBC, New York Times - all big media names which have reported the benefits of suppressing your appetite with Hoodia

  • Product comes in a box and is blister packed, which is much better than regular bottles that many manufacturers use today.

  • Order comes in a discreet packaging.

  • Money Back Guarantee - you can have full refund in 6 months!

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UniqueHoodia Ingredients

Hoodia PowderTo be sure that you order quality product you should know from what it is made of. Unlike most of the Hoodia supplements, UniqueHoodia is produced from 100% pure, unaltered Hoodia Gordonii.

The manufacturers also confirmed that they don't use any additives, fillers or binders, except BioPerine®, which is Pepper nigrum extract, used to improve absorption of the main ingredients.

BioPerine® is 95 percent piperine, or an extract of the commonly used black pepper. It optimizes the absorption of nutrients by the body, which means you don't have to take more pills to experience stronger effect.

How they achieved to offer the best quality pure Hoodia product?

First, the raw Hoodia, used in the manufacturing process is obtained from USDA certified farms. To ensure the best quality they harvested it with steam, instead of irrigation. Both fact are important for the quality of the product.

Second, the Hoodia that was harvested has a CITES certificate. This certificate is hard to obtain and is given for a period of time. CITES certificate shows that the manufacturer obtained Hoodia Gordonii legally, and most important - it really uses real Hoodia Gordonii!

Then comes the manufacturing process. UniqueHoodia comes in 1500 M.G.. pills. These are made without the use of any filling substances - only pure Hoodia and gelatin capsule.

Pureness of the product can be confirmed by laboratory analysis. Only few laboratories can perform such analysis. because of the sophisticated methods that are required. This certificate ensures that UniqueHoodia contains only pure Hoodia and nothing else.

It also confirms that the pills contains the active molecule, called p57. In UniqueHoodia the active ingredient is even more that the minimal amounts required (0.1% required, UniqueHoodia contains 0.15% of p57!)

All this comes to ensure the pureness and effectiveness of UniqueHoodia!

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How Effective Is UniqueHoodia?

UniqueHoodia is highly potent appetite suppressant. Its high-quality ingredients are so powerful that you'll stop craving for food from your first dosage.

With UniqueHoodia you can expect to:

  • stop cravings for snacking;
  • your meals will become considerably smaller;
  • you will need to remind yourself to eat;
  • approximately 3-5 pounds weight loss per week;
  • you calorie intake will be reduced up to 1500 call;
  • you will start feeling more energetic.

UniqueHoodia Testimonials

See what people say about their experience with UniqueHoodia

Our UniqueHoodia Testing Samples:

See what our reviewers said about UniqueHoodia and why they have no doubt it is the best Hoodia product.

Frequently Asked Questions About UniqueHoodia

How many pills should I take daily?

The recommended dosage is 1-3 pills daily, before each meal, according official website.

How long should I take UniqueHoodia to experience long-term weight loss results?

Typically you should expect to notice weight loss during the first week or month. However, taking it for too short time may put you at risk to experience the yo-yo effect and regain your lost pounds. This is true for every diet pill out there, and it makes sense - as you don't get fat in a day, the same way you can't expect lose extra weight faster.

How many boxes I need for a month?

UniqueHoodia comes in a box containing 90 pills - the amount you'll need for a full month. During the process you can lower your dosage, thus a box of 90 will be more than enough for 1 moth.

Was UniqueHoodia tested for effectiveness?

There are studies showing that Hoodia Gordonii reduce calorie intake by up 2,000 calories and promote stable weight loss. UniqueHoodia was tested too and laboratory certified.

Is UniqueHoodia approved by doctors?

Yes. UniqueHoodia is high-quality product, that along with different certifications is tested and approved by real doctors.

Is UniqueHoodia safe?

Hoodia Gordonii is a natural product, without any other filling substances. It has no side effects. The only side effects that may occur are stomach indisposition, due to gelatin capsule or intolerance to the product, which you may expect from every other pill.

Is there money back guarantee?

Yes, they have money back guarantee, that changed recently and covers only bigger packages.

How long does it take for my order to arrive?

If you place your order today, you may expect your package in 2-3 days.

What is the Price of UniqueHoodia?

Hoodia Gordonii is not cheap product. This is more than true when speak about pure, high-quality product.

This doesn't mean you have to spent all your money - UniqueHoodia can cost you no more than the price of a coffee per day. You just can use the discount codes available:

Package/price Amount Enough for Price per box ($) Total price ($) after discount
1 box of UniqueHoodia 1 month $54.95


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2 boxes of UniqueHoodia 2 months $47,45


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3+1 free boxes of UniqueHoodia 4 months $33,74


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4+3 free boxes of UniqueHoodia

7 months $23.57


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12 boxes of UniqueHoodia

12 months $32.07


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*Great Value Pack - obviously this package 4 offers lowest price per box. However, you may want to try smaller packages first, to see if it works for you.

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No More Waiting, Take Action Today, Be Slim Tomorrow

If you have been for real Hoodia product, but you still haven't choose, then we recommend you UniqueHoodia. Made from high-quality Hoodia Gordonii, contain only pure product with greater appetite suppressing potential than any other known substance.

Just imagine, that your ideal weight is just a couple of days away. You can start melting pounds and keep your new healthier you for good!

If you find that diets simply do not work for you as they never satisfy your appetite and you feel hungry all the time then UniqueHoodia is the answer to your problems. Start losing weight TODAY

If you feel your biggest problem is not what you eat but how much of it you consume then UniqueHoodia™ is the product for you. Hoodia is well documented for it's power at reducing your food cravings, however it is much more then just an appetite suppressant.

Stop giving excuses to yourself that diets are too hard to follow. Don't say you don't have time for exercising. It is no better time than TODAY to start losing weight.

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Compare UniqueHoodia with other weight loss pills

Clinically Proven
Guarantee 6 months - Money Back
Side Effects None reported

From $23 per pack

Media Exposure Hoodia has featured on television shows around the World including ABC, BBC, and CBS.
Overall Rating
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