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Herbal Appetite Suppressants Overview

Overview on herbal products for appetite suppression!

You can't always resist the temptation to eat unhealthy fatty foods. No matter of your attempts, controlling appetite is always difficult.To help you fight this temptation, you may want to try a herbal appetite suppressant which is 100% natural. Then seeing a delicious (but dangerous) food in front of you will not be such a temptation for you.

1. Kinds of appetite suppressant

Stevia - sweetenerWeight loss medications are generally divided in two categories - fat binders and appetite suppressants. While there are only few available fat binders, appetite suppressants come of greater diversity. In fact the most approved weight loss pills are actually appetite suppressants and there are even more to come.

There are two main groups of appetite suppressants - prescription and herbal appetite suppressants. In recent years herbal appetite suppressants are gathering more and more attention as majority of people trying to lose weight want to use herbal and natural appetite suppressants rather than synthetic drugs that can have serious side effects on your body and health.

Luckily prescription appetite suppressants have alternatives, that are safer and at the same time effective.

2. What are herbal appetite suppressants?

Herbal appetite suppressant pills are dietary supplements made from different plants - herbs that help control the appetite. These herbs are also good for the heart and circulation, fast weight loss, lymphatic system, digestive health, for the skin, hair, nervous system, glandular system, respiratory health, urinary system and much more. 

4. How they work?

Different herbal appetite suprpessants doesn't share the same mechanism of action. Basicly they work like stimulants, mimic the glucose production or make you feel ful longer.

a)Herbal stimulants

Stimulants of herbal origin are maybe the biggest group. Most of them contain one very well known alkaloid - caffeine. Such examples are coffee, yerba mate, green tea, guarana, taurin, Hot Cocoa, chocolate, cola drinks etc.

  • Caffeine can be very dangerous stimulant, but it is "tamed" by our civilization. The benefits from caffeine are too exagarated, especially when it comes to appetite suppression. What is more likely is caffeine gives you nervousness, sleeplessness, irritability, anxiety and/or heart palpitations. Caffeine also has laxative effects, and those who become habituated to it may become constipated and experience headaches when they quit. There are also fatal cases from caffeine overconsumption. herbal appetite suppressant

  • MA HUANG (Ephedra sinensis) is another herbal stimulant. This plant contains ephedrine and pseudoephedrine which are used in over the counter medications for asthma (ephedrine) and as a nasal decongestant (pseudoephedrine). It has similar action to amphetamines and caffeine. Products containing ephedrine were banned by the FDA, because of its side effects.

  • Another stimulant herbal supplement is bitter orange extract. It contains synephrine, which is very similar to ephedrine and pseudoephedrine.

Caffeinated and Ephedra-containing products have a lengthy history of use and are considered safe when consumed in reasonable amounts by healthy consumers. They should be avoided by persons sensitive to stimulants, or with any of the conditions listed above.

Stimulants derived from plants can be abused and such abuse can be hazardous. The safety of combining active amounts of ephedra or its alkaloids with caffeine sources is in question, but it can be assumed that the effects of both are stronger than either alone.

Those of you who choose to avoid all stimulants will want to watch for the listed ingredients in any products they buy.

b)Herbs that mimic glucose action

These appetite suppressants mimic the effect of glucose on the brain. When you eat your glucose levels get higher. This is sensed by your brain giving "full" signal. Some herbs mimic this effect giving the full signal so you don't starve for food. Such herbal appetite suppressant is Hoodia. We have written more profound review on Hoodia here: link kam hoodia.

c)Herbs that make you feel full longer

After a meal you stomach needs some time to empty. Some foods empty your stomach faster than others, like fibers (this is why you go crazy for food half an hour after a salad). If your stomach empties more slowly, your stomach will give signals to your brain you are full, thus suppressing hunger.

Such action has Proactol, which combined with its fat binding effect makes it the best herbal weight loss pill. For more information you may want to read our review on Proactol.

5. Herbal appetite suppressants that are safe

Many herbal supplements are not so harmless. Many of them act as dangerous stimulants and have unpleasent side effects. Others simply don't suppress yoour appetite effciently. Read more about dangers from herbal appetite suppressants.

There are only few herbal weight loss supplements that can be used for appetite reduction. Among them there is only one that is effective, have no side effects and can be used even for long period of time:

  • Hoodia - widely known and marketed herbal appetite suprpessant. It is done for reason - it is by far the most potent hunger suppressor. It proved its effectiveness and safety and is the herbal appetite suppressant of first choice. It is maybe the most researched herbal appetite suppressant. We have detailed review on Hoodia Gordonii, showing you how effective is for weight loss. Additionally we have listed the best Hoodia products that are available on the market.

  • Some plants contain substnaces that form fiber complexes with the fats you eat. As a result they slow down food passage, making you feel full longer and also creating the feeling you have had enough faster. Thus way you eat less, but you are satisfied for longer time. Although not pure appetite suppressant, but chiefly fat binder, they can promote unbelievable loss of weight. Read about such product here.

Another herbal supplements, although not appetite suppressors also could be used as an aid to your die (with caution):

  • Green Tea - it has so much health benefits that it's in a category of its own. If you want to try have in mind that it contains caffeine and has the same undesired side effects like guarana and mate. However, a cup or two green tea a day can replace your caffeine intake. In fact, it is recommended to drink a cup of tea before having a meal in order to suppress appetite. Truth is this has nothing to do with appetite suppresssion, but having a cup of liqiud before meal makes you full your stomach faster and with less food. And again, as all caffeinated substances - you should be careful with great amounts of green tea or green tea extracts.

  • Stevia - it is a herb that is thought to have appetite suppressing properties. However, it is herb that is sweet and can be used as a sweetener, replacing sugar. It doesn't stop cravings for food.

3.How effective are herbal appetite suppressants?

For many herbal appetite suppressants are just scam, for others they are the aid that they needed to lose weight. The picture would be different if there weren't so many products on the market, most of which lack any active ingredient.

According to researches and clinical trials some of the herbal appetite suppressants really show marked hunger suppression. Some of them, like Hoodia can even compete prescription appetite suppressants, lacking the undesired side effects of the latter.

While not all doctors agree that herbal supplements are effective, people that have used it say the opposite. The conservative point of view of the health proffesionals could be explained by the fact that it is very risky for them to recommend a herbal product, that hasn't been in great number of clinical trials. This could eventually cost their license and job.

But still there are herbal appetite suppressants that have doctor's approval and endorsement:

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