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Best Hoodia Appetite Suppressant Pills Reviewed

Discover The Best Rated Hoodia For Weight Loss

There a great number of sellers that claim to offer real genuine Hoodia. However, it turns out that this is not exactly truth. It was estimated that merely 60 % of the products that are offered as Hoodia are not 100% Hoodia. In fact some of the products contain less than 0.01% of the active infredient p57!

 We have carefully reviewed almost every seller that offers Hoodia.  As a result we selected the most credible, effective and affordable products, that can help you reach your weight loss goals without risking to pay for a scam.

A new Hoodia product is giving rise, and according our reviewers it is about to be the best Hoodia product ever. If you are interested please follow this link: UniqueHoodia - Best Hoodia Pills

Why the Hoodia products listed below are the best Hoodia pills?

All of the Hoodia products we listed are:

  1. 100% Natural - We selected only products that are 100% natural product without sinthetic additives.

  2. Pure Hoodia Gordonii - The aerial stem is the portion of the hoodia plant that’s used by the San population to suppress their appetite. Many of the sellers are offering products that may contain other parts of the plant, which do not possess appetite suppressing properties. Beware of cheap hoodia which may contain skin and spines that have no value.

  3. C.I.T.E.S. Certificated - C.I.T.E.S.(Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora), is a document required to sell hoodia and verify that it has been obtained through legal channels. Only trusted sellers have such certificate verifying that they are offering Hoodia Gordonii from South Africa.

  4. Independent Lab Analysis - An indipendent laboratories like Alkemists Pharmaceuticals are making analysis to estimate the pureness of Hoodia. A trusted company will have such sertificate, showing that their product is pure and effective weight loss supplement.

  5. Verifiable Manufacturer - We have selected products that are made by verifiable manufacturers. This ensures the quality of the product.

  6. Money Back Guarantee - Trusted sellers have Money Back policy.

  7. Strength - Not every product sold as Hoodia offers the optimal amount from the plant in a tablet. The optimal serving size is between 400 and 1000 mg.

Winning Product:

UniqueHoodia -  
Most effective Hoodia product on the market

This is 100% pure Hoodia Gordonii, without fillers, extracts or unlabeled added substances. This means that you benefit from all the advantages that pure Hoodia can offer. It proved to be the most effective and pure product (proved from CITES certificates) from all products we reviewed.

See why we rated it the best hoodia product here.

The appetite suppression potential of this product is amazing. It starts working from the first dosage to give you great appetite suppression.

 : 1 month supply (90 pills) = $54.95  

Savings: up to 134,75  for 6 month supply  (540 pills) = $194.95  + Free box ($27,85 per box)

Worldwide delivery:  YES

Money Back Gurantee: YES


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What makes this product superior is the perfect customer support the seller offers:
  • 460mg of hoodia per pill
  • 90 pills per box (most products online have 60 pills)
  • Extra Strength formula – only the most potent and properly harvested Hoodia is used
  • Certificate of authenticity (CITES) that the Hoodia used is pure.
  • Secure ordering portal
  • Discreet packaging
  • Produced in CGMP approved facilities

Go to: UniqueHoodia website

hoodia pills top appetite suppressant
Best Product
Best Customer Support

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Look at what testimonials said:

IT WORKS! I've been taking 2 capsules per day for two weeks. (actually, I stopped taking it on the weekend after the 1st week, and noticed my appetite starting to come back.) there are NO SIDE EFFECTS in taking this product. I was expecting to get the jitters, or feel light-headed, but not once did I have anything of the sort.
-Sarah, 25 USA,

I have been on Hoodia for 1 week and I love it, I was paying $121.00 month for other diet pills that made me nauseous and I couldn’t sleep.
With Hoodia I feel great and I have to make myself eat, I also get a good night sleep. I know I will see results in a month,I am trying not to weigh until then. I can feel the difference in my clothes.
I like it because it is an all natural product.
-Tommie, 34 New York,

Other reviewed products:


Hoodiathin is a liquid extract from the most purified Hoodia Gordonii. The extract material is obtained from renowned suppliers only and the extracting technology used is state-of-the art.

Liquid formulation has some benefits - great absorption rate giving fast effect, easily to swallow (if you have problems swallowing capsules) and tastes good without after taste.

Price (one month supply): - $59.95

Savings: up to $240 for nine bottles ($33.30 per bottle)

Worldwide delivery:  No

Money Back Gurantee: full refund for a unused portion within 30 (thirty) days

hoodiathin for weight loss
Best Liqiud Formula
More Information


DEX-L10 is one of the renowned Hoodia brands. It is manufactured by NutriLab.  It is known as very high quality product, at a very affordable price.

Price (one month supply  - 60 Caps.): $39.95

Savings:  $15.96

Worldwide delivery:  Yes

Money Back Gurantee: refund on unused portion  within 30 days of your order

DEX-L10 Pure Authentic Hoodia for Weight Loss
Lowest Price
More Information

Desert burn:

Desert Burn is without a doubt the oldest and most trusted hoodia brands in the world. They have the best variety of products and an excellent reputation.
The of Desert Burn ZA 750 Hoodia capsules are the largest available on market (750mg). The manufacturer offers even bigger capsules -Desert Burn King Hoodia 1000 mg caps (taken one daily). Both products are made of 100% Hoodia Gordonii powder with excellent quality.

Price (one month supply): -  39,30$

Savings: up to 20$ (33.31 per bottle)

Worldwide delivery:  no

Money Back Gurantee: full refund for an unopened bottle(s) wothout tome limit

#1 Selling Brand In The World!

Hoodia Desert burn Natural Appetite Suppressant
More Information

Hoodia Gordonii Plus:
Hoodia Gordonii Plus is a great appetite curber, it also boosts up your metabolism and burns fat, enchanting you with extra energy. 
It contains 400 mg of Hoodia Gordonii extract, Hydroxy Citric Acid, Green Tea Extract, Magnesium.  Uses a 10-1 Concentrate from the Heart of the Hoodia 

Price (one month supply): - $39.95

Savings: up to $140 for six bottles ($26.65 per bottle)

Worldwide delivery:  Yes

Money Back Gurantee:  90 Day Money Back Guarantee for unopened and unused bottles

Free bonuses:

  • #1 FREE Weight Loss Hypnosis Audio Download
  • #2 FREE E-Book with 71 Well Researched Weight Loss Techniques
  • #3 FREE Online Fitness Weight Loss Program Membership!

Hoodia Gordonii Plus Natural and Strong Appetite Suppressant
Best Price Offer!
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