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Strongest Appetite Suppressants Comparison

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How we make our ratings?

Strongest appetite suppressants comparison chartFinding the best appetite suppressants wasn't easy task. It is not only the great number of different weight loss pills available on the market, it is the fact we used a great volume of clinical trials and testimonilas reviews to compare the best weight loss pills in simple and easily understandable way.  To rate weight loss pills is a though job.

Why the weight loss products listed below are the best weight loss pills?

We made this comparison chart using:
  1. evidences, not claims! 
  2. pure facts and
  3. real testimonials;
to compare the best appetite suppressants and fat blockers for weight loss.

We are completely sure that these products worked for many and can work for you!

Best Weight Loss Pills Comparison Chart
Diet pills

Hoodia Best Natural Appetite Suppressant For Weight Loss

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Phen375 - Fat Burner

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Proactol - Best Appetite Suppressant and Fat Blocker

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Capsiplex review

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Acomplia Strongest Prescription Appetite Suppressant

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Overal rating
Best Natural Appetite Suppressant

Best Phentermine Alternative


Best Weight Loss Pill

Natural Fat Burner, Thermogenic and Appetite Suppressant

Appetite Suppressant
Weight Loss Approach

Strong Natural Appetite Suppresant

Fat Burner

Appetite Suppressant

Fat blocker;

Natural Appetite suppressant

Appetite Suppressant;

Fat Burner;

Strong Appetite Suppressant

Type of prescription Over the counter Over the counter Over the counter Over the counter Prescription
Average Monthly Weight Loss*
4-16 lbs

(2-7 kg)

4-16 lbs

(2-7 kg)


6-18 lbs

(3-8 kg)

up to 7-8 lbs

(3,5-4 kg)

4-14 lbs

(2-6 kg)

Weight Loss* over 10-15% in 90 %
over 30 pounds
over 10-15% in 90 %
over 30 pounds
over 10-15% in 90 %
over 30 pounds
  5-10% in 70%

over 20 pounds

Weight maintanence over time*

Excellent Excelent Excellent Very good Very good
Other Health Benefits Slight aphrodisiac. Better muscle tone, increased strenght, more energy, increased libido and sexual performance Improve cholesterol levels, less aches, improved concentration Antidiabetic and anticancer effects are under investigation, as well as an analgesic. Quit smoking
Improve LDL and HDL cholesterol levels
Quality Assurance

CITES certificate

Certificate of Analysis

Organics Annex Certificate

Guarantee of quality ingredients by manufacturer

Meets FDA guidelines for dietary supplements

EU directive
(MDD 93/42/EEC)

Made from high-quality ingredients

Mixture of 100% natural Capsicum extracts mixed with Piperine, Niacin and Caffeine.


Manufactured by reputable pharmaceutical companies

Medical Approvals and Endorsements

Multiple clinical trials have shown efectivity and safety.

Dr. Vijay Kumar Soni, MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery)

Manufactured in FDA-certified laboratory

Dr. Joerg Gruenwald,
widely known and well respected figure within the medical research field

Will Davis, Pharmaceutical Professional, USA

Aurora Barker, Practicing Nurse, Canada

Dr Karen Viera,

Nicola McLean, Famous Glamour Model

Great number of celebrities.

European Medicines Agency (EMEA);
Duration (in months) 3-9 3-6 6 - 12 1-12 6-24
Safety and Side Effects No side effects Possible nervousness, sleeplessness, nausea No side effects
No side effects Depression, suicide risks, it is supposed that Acomplia will be take off market.
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from $ 48.86

Savings up to 25% ( $44.21 per box/month


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Overal customer rating

Amazing appetite suppression!


Best fat burner! Most Effective Weight Loss Pill;
Complex Weight Loss Solution That Worked!
Great product for fast results! Good!
Our reviews
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Capsiplex Official Website It is sold with prescription

*These are assumptions made from reading testimonials on official websites, real users opinions and reviews, posted on weight-loss forums and other review websites. If there is scientific data we taking this data only. These numbers and figures can't guarantee that you will have the same results.

Compare UniqueHoodia and Appesat

Fat Binder or Appetite Suppressant - which is better for you?

What were our criteria to choose the best products?

To compare the products we needed several criteria for comparison. So we decided to choose some of the most important criteria, that show you how effective is the pill and what you can espect when taking it. Here are the they:

  • * Weight loss - this comes to show how many pounds you can loose taking that pill. But it is not just the pounds that matters. 15 pounds weight for a person weighing 180 pounds can be enough, but 15 pounds for a person weighing 230 pounds is small. That's why we show you the expected weight loss in percent (%) from the initial weight.

Not every pill is effective in every person - the response to these medications is based on each individual, and some people experience more weight loss than others. That's why we are showing in how many people it was successful weight loss. So we are showing another value - the percent of people that successfully lost weight.

How to read it? Lets take this rating for example: over 10-15% in 90%. You must read like: over 10-15 % of body weight lost in 90 % of people taking the particular weight loss pill. Additionally we show what this means in pounds, estimating the values for a person weighing 200 lbs height 170cm. In the upper example 10-15% weight loss is to be read: over 20-25 pounds lost.

  • *Average Monthly Weight Loss - This value will show you how many pounds you can lose in a month, taking the particular appetite suppressant
  • Quality Assurance - We choose to show only high-quality weight loss products, which can be proved. Quality products means that you can be sure you will experience fast weight loss results!

  • *Weight maintance - another very important value. This comes to show what happens with your body weight after you stop taking the weight loss pill or in other terms - the long-term weight loss results. We want  you to lose weight for good and look better for the rest of your life.
  • Other healtth benefits - Some diet pills have other health benefits, which can be very improtant, as they decrease your cardiovascular risk and show long-term health benefits. This graph comes to show what is your additional health benefit from taking the particular drug.

  • Duration - Some weight loss pills need to be taken for a very long time. That is why we decided this is important factor to consider when choosing a diet pill.

  • Safety and side effects - Do not skip this graph! As weight loss aims to improve your health and give you a better appearence, you don't want to end up your weight loss journey, recovering from side effects. Always be carefull for the side effects. We show the safety of the pill with stars, and note briefly the important side effects that may occur.

  • Price - there is no need to comment why the price is important. As everyone you wants to keep your pocket full and not wasting money for expensive and unnessecary things.

  • Overall Rating - This summarizes all the benefits in easy to read and understand fashion. The more stars a pill gets, the more worth/valuable it is.

Make Your Best Choice!

Choose the strongest appetite suppressantsWe have chosen the best weight loss pills from the two most effective types - appetite suppressants and fat blockers. Now you can choose and try the pill that you feel is most convinient, would it be strong appetite suppressant or weight loss accomplished by blocking fats, or even better - complex weight loss solution.

The weight loss pills we presented are the best products in their niches, as we showed in our comparison. They were made of the highest-quality products, all are independantly reviewed by renown medical experts, and have clinical studies to back up their effectivenes.

Compare Appetite suppressants vs Fat Binders to choose the right product for fast weight loss

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