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In recent years obesity has become real epidemic that not only affects your appearence, but also your health. According to American Obesity Organization, over 127 million adults in the USA are overweight, 60 million are obese, and over 9 million are morbidly obese. It is widely known that being overweight puts you on serious risk for your health:
  • High blood pressure
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Heart disease
  • Stroke
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Gallbladder disease
  • Cancer of different body organs
  • Osteoarthritis and disability
  • Sleep apnea and others
As this highly impacts our lives there is huge need for improving your health - you need to lose weight. The most important step one should take is decrease the calorie intake and increase the physical activity. But everyone who tryed to lose weight can tell you that is not so easy.

Who needs appetite suppressants?

Appetite suppressants are the most popular form of weight loss supplement. What is the most important thing there is to know about these substances? Well, an appetite suppressant will reduce person’s desire for food in order to help that person to loose weight.  Because the appetite is then suppressed, person will consume less food. 

If you have tried unsuccessfuly to follow a diet then appetite suppressants are the right choice for you!

So, appetite suppressants are for people that have difficulties following a diet (who doesn't?). Hunger is very powerful feeling and it inevitably comes to ruin your diet,  when you reduce your calorie intake. Appetite suppressants are designed as a dietary aid for curbing cravings and make you more likely to lose weight.

Usually taking appetite suppressants itself won't do the job. The results from the clinical trials with appetite suppressants show that people taking appetite suppressant along with dietary adjustments lost about 5-10% more
weight, compared to diet itself (rarely over 5% if they managed to follow the diet).

What are strong appetite suppressants?

There are many ways to decrease appetite: avoiding refined carbohydrates, drinking large amounts of water regularly, getting plenty of fiber in your diet and getting plenty of natural sunlight on your skin. However, this cannot eliminate the starving.

This is where strong appetite suppressants come to help. They are herbs or drugs that are specifically designed to suppress appetite by tricking your brain. The way that appetite suppression is achieved is different, but the result is the same - you don't feel hungry.

Strong appetite suppressants are formulated to suppress the appetite while increasing an individual's metabolism helping to burn more calories.

Strong Appetite Suppressant are key to successful weight loss. Clinical studies have shown individuals instructed with a healthy diet plan and prescribed a strong appetite suppressant are some five times more successful losing weight.

There are two main types of strong appetite suppressants:
  • Prescription appetite suppressants - such are Acomplia, Phentermine, Subitramine (Meridia, Reductil). They require to be taken under medical controll, as they may have serious side effects and may be dangerous.
  • Over-the-counter appetite suppressants - Examples of such are Proactol and Hoodia, also Caralluma, Green Tea extracts, Coffein etc. They are naturall appetite suppressants made from different herbs. Although not all doctors recommend them, some of them are very strong appetite suppressants (Hoodia and Proactol), that may be very efficient in achieving your weight loss goals. Their bigest advantage is that they are safe and you don't need to pay for a doctor visit.

How much weight I can lose with appetite suppressants?

There is no exact answer of this question. Every medication can reduce your body weight at some degree. We recommend to check our best appetite suppressants reviews  or read the reviews for every product, as we have tryed to answer in details as accurate as we could for every particular product.
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